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Why FoamGiant?


The revolutionary foam cannon


Protection Shield

The shield

Foam is created from a mixture of water, foaming agent and air. During operations, the foam concentrate is mixed with the water and this combination is swirled with air in the foam nozzle to create the foam. The type of foam concentrate used and how the foam is produced depend on the particular application. There are a variety of foam types and foam concentrates that are suitable for different applications.

MP TripleJet

The universal, flexible extinguishing gun

Foam has a very low specific gravity. Therefore, it is able to form a closed layer on the surface of the flammable material, even if it is liquid. This barrier layer prevents vapors and gases from escaping and also impedes the supply of oxygen to the fuel.


Foam has an excellent extinguishing effect on liquid fires. Due to its low density, it floats on the burning liquid and effectively smothers the fire. In addition to its suffocating effect, foam also has a cooling effect.

Thanks to its high mobility, foam can flow around obstacles and penetrate into crevices. This property enables it to flood even areas that are difficult to access and to fight fires effectively.


Low water consumption

The surface of the water is extremely increased by the atomization of the water. As a result, the water suddenly evaporates when it hits the fire

1 liter of water = 1700 liters of steamf


Why high pressure extinguishing?

through theEfficient extinguishing with extremely small amounts of water (approx. 20 liters of water are required to extinguish a vehicle fire):

  • Compact, affordable systems that fit in cars and pickups

  • Minimizing water damage in buildings

  • Extinguishing possible in remote areas without water supply

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