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Revolutionizing High-Pressure Firefighting with Medium Expansion Foam

For the first time, FoamGiant generates medium expansion foam from minimal water amounts, achieving impressive throw ranges—all in an extremely compact design!

Enhance your high-pressure firefighting system with powerful foam generation, without the need for complex and costly compressors.

Product Benefits:

  • Strong foam expansion without a costly compressor

  • Impressive throw range even at low flow rates

  • Compatible with all high-pressure firefighting systems (operating at least 80 bar)


More information can be found here:

Product brochure German


Product brochure English

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Application video

Revolutionary Firefighting
More Foam, less Water Consumption!

Handling FoamGiant is simple and straightforward. Quickly attach it to the high pressure water gun and you're ready to go!

The patented, revolutionary turbocharger principle powerfully mixes large amounts of air into the foam, providing you with the following benefits:

  • Produce 50 liters of foam with just one liter of water (Foam Expansion Ratio ≈ 50)

  • Achieve impressive throw ranges of up to 10 meters, ensuring you can safely reach the fire

  • Compact and handheld

  • Safe and robust design

Slow motion - A closer look at the achievable foam quality

Practical application scenarios for FoamGiant

Foam barriers for fighting forest fires

pexels-ahmet-çığşar-17406672 (1).jpg

Prevention of water damage - especially for sensitive areas such as libraries, manufacturing plants, etc.


Efficiently extinguishing vehicle fires

WhatsApp Bild 2024dd-04-02 um 11.38.02_e56ce7e0.jpg

Fast flooding of containers, rooms, etc.

How is the foam agent introduced into the water?


To generate foam, the introduction of a foam agent into the water is essential, and there are three viable methods for achieving this.

  1. Integrated injector unit:
    Many hi
    gh-pressure firefighting systems have an integrated foam agent injector

  2. FoamGiant with integrated foam agent bottle:
    If there is no injector on the firefighting system,  FoamGiant with an integrated foam agent bottle offers you a cost-effective solution.

  3. Premixed solution in the water tank:
    An additional option involves premixing the foam agent directly with the water inside the water tank.

Feel free to reach out to us for guidance on determining the best option for your needs. We're happy to assist you.

FoamGiant - Standard version

FoamGiant with integrated foam agent bottle

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